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Below is a letter of recommendation that I recently received from a candidate that I placed at one of my clients.

RE: Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to express my thanks and pleasure with the way that Tonya Pruett has handled my job search and successful placement.  When I begin the process with Tonya, I was not mentally "up" or looking forward to the process.  But because of her sensitivity, sincerity, sense of humor, and knowledge of her business, the job search became an enjoyable and satisfying process.

I would imagine Tonya is unusual amongst her peers.

She truly cares about the applicant and listens to what they want and don't want.  She's not afraid to give you all the facts so that you can make an educated decision.  When I first begin dealing with her, I was not sure what I wanted, but was very sure of what I didn't want.  Most of the things I didn't want were typical of large corporate tax departments, which couldn't have made her job easy.  In spite of this, she was able to find the perfect company for me, one that shares my values and desire for a work-life balance in addition to being geographically suitable.

She was intuitive enough to know which companies I was best suited for, and as a result, found the perfect match.  Had she not listened and really cared about my personal feelings, I would probably still be looking today.

Tonya is above all ethical and honest in her dealings with both the employer and the applicant.  Not once did I feel she was "in it for the money".  I always felt she was more committed to my welfare than her potential profit.  An applicant can sense when the recruiter is sincere and really working for him or her, and she was there for me all the way.  She stays involved with both parties and keeps the momentum going.  She was there if I needed "pumping up" and there to celebrate the great things that happened.

I'd like to say a sincere thank you to Tonya.  I will most definitely recommend her to my friends for she is someone they can trust.  I wish her the best in her future.